The Next Century 2000's

Pocono ProFoods new logo after rebranding in 2013.
Next Century & Beyond
The Two Thousands

Sadly, on January 1, 2005, our father and founder Edward K. Driebe passed away. His presence and vision are greatly missed, but his legacy continues to live on. The change in the millennium brought about the addition of the third generation of family members to fill key positions within the company. In 2013, Pocono Produce Company was rebranded as Pocono ProFoods to reinforce its position as a premier full-line food distribution company. Today, our business continues to grow with service currently available to portions of 13 states in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. As Pocono ProFoods looks forward to the future, the essence of the past guides its leadership to operate in noticeable ways that the corporate focus of the national distributors lacks. We bring our best to your delivery, so you can bring your best to the table. Pocono Profoods is truly Always Serving You.