Culinary Services

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We take the time to understand the needs of our customers

Our trained Culinary Team has gone to great lengths to develop and maintain many programs and services that are designed around helping you sell more food profitably.

From our staff at Pocono ProFoods Designs to our alliance with Eat Around Town Safely, Co. everything from menu critique and design to food safety training is always within reach. Starting in the kitchen and carrying out to the dining room, there is something for everyone on your staff within our Culinary Services offerings.

Ask any of the thousands of restaurateurs who have utilized our industry leading services and you will know why Pocono ProFoods is the foodservice distributor of choice when selecting a true partner in business.

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Menu Planning

Your menu is the foundation of your business. But it is often difficult to create without extensive market research, which takes both time and money. Our trained Culinary Specialists will work with you and your staff to deliver the most effective menu possible.

Discover the benefits of a menu Engineered by Pocono ProFoods Designs. Ask your Sales Representative for more information today!

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Training / Seminars

Pocono ProFoods offers numerous training and seminars for a wide array of foodservice topics throughout the year. The most popular training programs and seminars offered are:

  • ServSafe®, which is a national program designed to train participants in food safety and food protection issues
  • A “Remember Me, I’m the Guest” Waitstaff Seminar delivered by a Pocono ProFoods Culinary Specialist is a one of a kind training experience for you and your front of the house team.
  • ProFoods Kitchen Rescue is a program designed to take a unique culinary perspective of your operation. Whether you need to “tweak” a few things or enter into a complete operational overhaul, the Pocono ProFoods Culinary Team will take an in-depth look at your business and help guide you to the best possible solutions.
  • Food Cost 101 will assist you and your team in putting together the most efficient system to track the benchmark of all restaurant metrics, your food cost. Let us help educate your staff on the difference between food cost and the cost of food.
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Industry Expertise

Executive Chef Doug Petruzzi, CEC AAC has been with Pocono ProFoods since 2000. His many years in the hotel/restaurant industry give him a unique perspective of foodservice issues. His product knowledge and menu development skills will help your establishment attain profitability.

Pocono ProFoods Culinary Team consists of a dozen culinary train specialists all with one objective in mind. Our success depends on your profitability and success. The ProFoods Culinary Team is at your disposal when you need them the most. Please speak to your sales representative about scheduling time with one of our experts.

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Food Safety

Pocono ProFoods continues its partnership with Eat Around Town Safely, Co. to provide the most effective and energetic food safety classes offered. These ServSafe® Certification Courses are based on the most up-to-date information and regulations available. Whether the class is offered at our designated facility or yours, you can be sure this course will provide you the comfort of knowing that your guests are protected.

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